Employment Agreements

Employment Agreements

The Employment Relations Act 2000 requires that all employment agreements are in writing.  Written employment agreements are essential in every business, and they are important for both the employer and the employee. And from 1 July 2011, employers must keep signed copies of employment agreements or terms and conditions of employment for all employees.


If a 90-day trial period is agreed between the employer and the employee it must be in the written employment agreement before the employment commences, or it does not comply with the law.

An Employment Agreement sets out the terms and conditions of the relationship between an employer and an employee.  It documents the obligations they have to each other, the benefits they will receive from each other and defines workplace expectations for both.  For the employer it is the key opportunity to clearly convey to the employee expectations of performance and behaviour.

The employee’s rights are largely protected by law, and these rights are restated in most employment agreements.

Employment  Agreements

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