Our Recruiting Process

Our Recruiting Process

AgriSpecialists provide recruitment expertise across a broad range of job roles for the rural sector. We also provide additional HR support should you need it.

The recruitment and employment process can be time consuming, and carries with it a number of legal responsibilities.  AgriSpecialists delivers a service that works methodically through all the recruitment processes and compliance necessities on your behalf.   This means that the best calibre of candidates can be attracted to your position, and the “best fit“ people can be put forward for your final interview scrutiny.

Our recruitment process is outlined below.  But we are able to tailor this service to individual business needs and deliver to you components of the process.  For example, you may only need assistance with the final interviewing and selection process.

Our service may involve:

  • Preparation of a Job Description that details the required competencies and performance measures.   [ HOT TIP: These performance measures are important.  If your employee has a clear, upfront view of what good performance looks like, that is how it will be measured, it is far easier to achieve the expectation and manage performance issues. ]
  • Provision of an Employment Agreement and preparation of your business specific schedules.  Our employment agreements aim to stay abreast with New Zealand law and employment trends.  We will ensure that the employment agreement dovetails with your Health and Safety and other farm-specific policies.
  • Advertising and promoting the role on your behalf.
  • Screening of telephone and email enquiries generated. When you use AgriSpecialists it is possible to have privacy and anonymity for your business through the entire screening stages.
  • Receipt of Application Forms and CVs.
  • Telephone interviews with applicants.
  • Referee checking of short-listed applicants.
  • Selection of top candidates for formal interview with you.
  • Facilitating the formal interviews with you to establish the best candidate for the job.
  • Contacting successful and unsuccessful candidates to notify them of the outcome.
  • Preparing a ‘Letter of Offer’ for you to send to the successful candidate.
  • Regular communication with you as the process progresses.

We offer all of the above as part of the standard  recruitment process for your rural business, although we are always happy to adapt to specific client requirements if needed.

Our mission is to save your time and resources, and add our expertise and systems to ensure the best match of candidates and the meeting legal obligations.  For your reassurance please read our Code of Conduct

"The business of agriculture is increasingly more complex!"

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