Great Sharemilking Arrangements

Great Sharemilking Arrangements

Sharemilking Agreements are unique farm business arrangements that we understand.  Starting back in the 1880’s they are still at the core of our dairy industry’s career pathway. Contract arrangements, Lower Order or 50:50 agreements – they all have their complexities to work through; so look at using our experience when recruiting your next Sharemilker.

Time put in at the front end of the process is important to ensure that you secure the right people and that all parties have a clear understanding of responsibilities and performance.  Because we understand the business of farming and the workings of sharemilking arrangements we will:

  • Promote your property to the target group
  • Present to you suitable sharemilking candidates based on similar goals and values
  • Facilitate your sharemilking contract negotiations
  • Once in place, work with the parties to see agreed obligations are met while also providing farm management support

The desired outcome is the smooth progress of the contract relationship with all parties achieving their goals.

View here one of our last season’s assignments as an example of how we can promote your sharemilking position in order to attract the best possible candidates.

The AgriSpecialists’ Team has a great dairying background.  We are very much aware of the challenges Farm Owners face engaging new Sharemilkers and managing the sharemilking relationship.  If you would like to talk further about any of the ideas we have discussed here, or if you would like assistance with any of your sharemilking processes, do give us a call.

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